Chew #1


Hey there and welcome back to another Free Comics Now! review, courtesy, of course, of Comixology and my tablet.  If you’re an avid reader of this column, you’ll note that I’ve gone from 2 a week to only 1, on Tuesdays.  Hopefully next week we’ll get back on track and double the reviews again, but for now, I can only offer my sincere apologies.

With the latest news that Chew will become an animated series, I thought it would be a good time to look at the first issue, which is available for free.  I think I bought it a year or so ago for a dollar (the physical copy), and now I feel like such an idiot.  Oh well.  Still an interesting thing.  Chew is by John Layman and Rob Guillory and is one of many fine comics put out by Image.

Tony Chu is a cibopathic, which means when he eats food, he can get a sense of the entire history of what he eats.  So he sees plants being grown and harvested, and animals growing up and slaughtered.  However, beets apparently give off no memories, so he tends to chew those the most.  He is a vice cop with a stereotypical partner.  Stereotypical here meaning “the complete opposite of him.”  But it’s not drugs they are looking to bust people on, it’s chicken.  Chicken is illegal, a fact that we learn in a flashback to Chu’s brother, a former TV chef who had a meltdown on air.

The two are in a sting operation when they become interrupted by a FDA agent who explains how things really are working.  I won’t go into all the details, as it is a very intriguing book, but it ends with Chu biting the face of a serial killer.  Good stuff.

The artwork is nice.  I like it a lot.  Clean lines and not over detailed, but expressions and emotions still come across easily. It is colored in lots of browns and reds, which many be a reference to chicken meat, but could just be this issue.  Overall, a very nice start to what I’m sure is an interesting series.  I would like to pick up some more of this if the opportunity arises.


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