W is for the Wrecker



Not the whole Wrecking Crew, mind you, but just their leader, the Wrecker himself.  Real name Dirk, he was a construction worker who was fired for being a jerk (Dirk the jerk).  He decided to become a criminal, and with his crowbar, set out on a string of crimes, eluding police again and again.  He eventually found himself in a hotel room robbing Loki, (as might happen in the MU).  He managed to steal some of Loki’s power and became super strong, which allowed him to even beat a partially depowered Thor, which he still brags about from time to time.  However, he was later depowered and thrown in jail.

In jail he met up with the other criminals who would become part of the Wrecking Crew.  Together they found his crowbar and shared the mystical power that it held to all become super villains.  They held buildings for ransom and would destroy if not paid.  They were defeated by many heroes and thrown in jail, only to break free again and again, usually thanks to Wrecker and his crowbar.

They were a part of the Secret Wars.  They were in the Masters of Evil.  They’ve been on television shows.  They get around, but never seem to be as big of a threat as they could be.  In recent times, they were part of the Hood’s gang and then helped Osborn out during Siege, but now appear to be back in jail.

Wrecker is the most powerful of the four.  He is super strong, super durable, and has a mystical connection to his crowbar that will even allow him to possess someone who has touched it.  He can also throw it and have it return to him, much like Thor does with his hammer.  I hope that one day the Wrecking Crew will be as feared as they could be, but for now they just appear to be dumb meatheads, even though one of them is an actual genius.


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