Friday Top 5 (April 25th, a perfect date)

It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.

The Top 5 things I’ve seen all week:

1) Habs win, habs win, habs win – The Montreal Canadiens beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in a four game sweep to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup tournament. Sure, they took advantage of a goalie injury, but they did take advantage. Now, a potential showdown with the Bruins in the next round has menervous, but excited. Playoff hockey!

2) Orwells – Who Needs You

A dirty rock song punking out Americana (the concept, not the Offspring album)? Sign me up. No, literally, I pre-ordered the CD, Disgraceland out June 3rd.

3) The latest episode of Agents of SHIELD – The next step after the SHIELD breakdown. We got a “monster of the week” type episode with Blackout, sadly missing his lightning bolt hat, but his story, comingled with Agent Coulson’s “Cellist” was fine, and the development between Skye and Ward had me hooked for next week (along with the return of Colby Smulders and Deathlok!). One last thought, any credence to the theory that “darkforce”, combined with the existence of disposable Simmons and the new one leads to Cloak and Dagger, Agents of SHIELD? (The name is already espionagey)

4)  Despite my misgivings about a $50 new comic, I broke down and ordered the Marcos Martin variant for Amazing Spider-Man #1.

5) I ran my first 5k of the year last weekend, and got a decent 22:16 or somesuch. Fitness! Oh, you wanted an overdone video as proof? Done.

Dishonorable Mention:
Mixology – the first ever two time winner. Why do I watch it? Cuz it’s on, and perhaps a sick perversion.
I only re-induct it because this week the characters mentioned my biggest gripe with this show:
the “real time” premise, in which an entire season of a TV show takes place over one night in a bar.
The problem with that is characters that grow closer to one another over the course of a few episodes are actually growing closer in the span of 20-40 minutes. In a crowded bar. That you can actually hear people talk in.
The characters acknowledged a rekindled relationship lasted “18 minutes”, which now begs the question: did the show go meta?
Are they aware of the ridiculousness of the premise? It doesn’t really matter, because underneath it all, the show’s still not funny.
I see them making jokes, but it’s a lot of cliches (guys “scheming” to figure women out, guys getting shot down, drunk girl) and suffers from having too many characters.
3 guys
Strong Hawaiin girl, ditzy drunk girl, friend.
Bar tender
Single Mom
British Guy
10(!) main characters. Plus a rotating cast of background characters that seem to pop up in bars. That’s a lot of melodrama and jokes to cram into a show.
The ironic thing is I almost care about what happens to the characters, so it ends up feeling like How I Met Your Mother with double the cast and half the laughs (verbal trademark).


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