V is for Venus



Venus, not the planet, or the Roman deity, (both of which exist in the MU) is a key member of the Agents of Atlas.  She was once a siren (you may remember those from The Illiad) but was transformed into an immortal human by a powerful sorcerer.  She has the ability to alter the moods of people around her through use of her voice.

She can also create illusions that are realistic enough to even fool the Silver Surfer.  She is a shapeshifter, but as she enjoys her own looks so much, she tends to only alter her hair.  Being a siren, a creature of the sea, she can also swim at rapid speeds and breathe underwater.  She once believed that she was indeed Venus, the deity, but has since come to realize her true nature.

Along side Gorilla Man, Jimmy Woo, the Uranian (he comes from Uranus, haha), Human Robot, and Namora, Venus fights against evil around the world as part of the Agents of Atlas.  She was even part of a group in an alternate past that exposed Richard Nixon as a Skrull infiltrator.  That was part of Avengers Forever, a mini-series that I’ve mentioned before.

However, the team’s popularity does not seem to last long as their series are often ended abruptly.  It is an interesting team, and one that could prove to have very unique adventures.  However, they never seem to get off the ground well.  The last time that they did was during the Dark Reign, where they had some minor roles in aggravating Norman Osborn.  But they are still out there, and I’m sure one day will return.


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