T is for Tigra



Tigra is one of those super heroines that seems only to be around to appeal to a certain demographic.  And that demographic are the type of people who find human/animal hybrids to be attractive.  I mean, look at her.  She is covered by fur and is wearing nothing but a little bikini.  What is the point of that?  What would she look like if she had nothing?  Would anything be visible or would it all just be covered in fur?  I mean, she has human looking breasts, which is odd, considering that’s not what cats have.  Also, why does she have human hair on her head still?  Moving on.

Tigra has been an Avenger for some time, although she has never been a heavy hitter.  Her history seems long and confusing, but involves a race called the Cat People, who she is a part of.  She has had many problems with her human and feline sides interacting, and when her cat side takes dominance, she tends to be moody, needy, and aggressive.

During the Civil War, she was a spy for Iron Man and infiltrated Cap’s team, only for them to tell her they knew about it all along.  She then was hooking up regularly with Hank Pym, which raises another whole host of questions, but I won’t go into them here.  It turns out that Pym was a Skrull however, and she became pregnant with his baby and gave birth to a hybrid thing that she has since left with the Cat People.  I thought cats were slightly better mothers than that, but oh well.

So there you have it.  Eye candy for furries and overall odd heroine.


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