R is for Ravage 2099



Let me start by saying this, the 2099 series are my jams!  I love that stuff.  I used to only have a few Spider-Man issues, but last year, my friend James (the Slim) got me into Ravage.  I came home for the summer and he gifted upon me several issues of the run, each one coming from the quarter bin at a local shop.  Ravage (Paul-Philip Ravage, that is) was created by Stan Lee, so that alone should make you take notice.

He worked for Alchemax, a bad corporation of the year 2099, but was framed when he exposed secrets and forced into hiding.  He made his way to Hellrock, where strong radiation mutated him into more of a superhero.  He could (can? will be able to?) generate concussive energy beams from his hands from a surgery.  However, this energy comes from him and will leave him depleted after only a couple minutes of use.  However, the radiation made him beast-like and he had retractable claws, superior senses, and could change back and forth between human and a beast-like state.

He went on to battle mutroids and Atlanteans, but also other creatures from Alchemax.  Now, I don’t have all the issues, so I don’t know how his story comes to an end.  It’s just one more thing I’m anxious to come home for.  To search through quarter bins until my story is complete!


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