P is for the Prowler



Welcome back to Marvel’s A to Z list of C-string (or lower) characters.  The Prowler is a great fit for this.  Hobie Brown was just a simple window washer until he got caught up in a battle between Stilt-Man (a possibility for next week) and Spider-Man.  Spider-Man rescued him, but it was Stilt-Man’s suit that caught his attention.  He designed his own to help him with window washing, such as having claws to climb buildings (which you would think might damage the walls and get him in trouble) and secret compartments to hide cleaning fluid (because that is clearly something to hide).  Somehow he lost his job (see above, maybe) and decided to turn to a life of crime, because, why not?  He already had a suit.

Since he didn’t want to hurt people, he used his compartments to hide sleeping gas for knocking people out during his robberies.  However, he was quickly caught by Spider-Man and decided to go straight.  He helped Spider-Man out many times, including impersonating him so that Captain Stacy wouldn’t think Peter Parker was the costumed hero we all know he is.  When Spider-Man became four guys during the “Slingers” era, Brown also designed a jetpack that one of the personas used.

I only saw the Prowler in comics a couple years ago, when I bought a pocket edition of The Death of Captain Stacy.  However, I did see him on the Spider-Man cartoon series of the early 90’s, which I just can’t plug enough.  It was a spectacular show, but is a little difficult to find these days.

Apparently, Brown was last seen at Stilt-Man’s funeral, and also being arrested during the Civil War for acting against the SHRA.  Hopefully he will be coming back, and who knows, maybe he’ll even make an appearance in the movies.  Probably not, given his D or even E-list status, but he could get there.


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