N is for Namorita (and Night Thrasher)





Namorita (the niece of Namor, not a daughter) and Night Thrasher were both part of the New Warriors, a group of younger heroes who traveled around America having a tv show where they captured bad guys.  Unfortunately, it was during a filming of this show that Nitro (wow, another N-name) detonated and killed a school full of children, which led to the Superhuman registration act, which in turn led the Marvel’s Civil War (which is being reviewed by Andrew over here).

Namorita’s powers are much the same as Namor’s.  She can fly, breathe underwater, is super strong and can heal (in water) very quickly.  She was a part of the team and a longtime love interest of Nova (holy moly I didn’t expect this many N-names, seriously).  Apparently, she is now back in comics, although not back from the dead.  Instead, Nova somehow got a hold on a Namorita from the past and brought her with him back into the present.  Because comics.

Night Thrasher had no powers per se, but was well trained in martial arts, as many heroes are.  He was also very wealthy and created a variety of gadgets and weaponry that assisted the team and was well-versed in the art of computer hacking.  He also created a suit which boosted his strength.  While some believed that he came back after the incident in Stamford, it turns out that it was just his half-brother carrying on the legacy.

The New Warriors were never a big deal to me, but I did like Civil War.  I’m sorry all those fictional people died, but they needed to in order for the biggest Marvel event ever (at that point) to occur.


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