The Evil Tree #1


Today on Free Comics Now! reviews we step into a different realm of story, HORROR!  It even says so right on the cover.  The cover itself looks like a throwback to the old horror comics that used to be put out by the big 2, like Swamp Thing, Tales of Horror, or Fear.  I’m not a huge fan of horror, but there have been some that entice me.  I guess stuff like From Hell and The Walking Dead count.  I am a fan of trees so The Evil Tree sounds like it could be a winner with me.

We open on a dream.  It is foreboding, to be sure, and also rather foreshadowing.  A girl, Misha, is running through the snowy forest, trying to escape an axe to the brain and comes across a man hanging from a tree asking for his babies.  A good, creepy start.  Turns out she was just sleeping in the car with her boyfriend and a bunch of friends who are all on their way to visit her new home.  Of course it is in the woods.  I mean, I may not know tons about horror, but I do know friends going into the woods is a traditional start.  Misha’s boyfriend, Daren, is obviously worried about her, and mentions she’s been acting strange.  I think it’s strange that they all talk about her like she isn’t there, but then again, her headphones are in and she is spacing out quite a bit.

On their way far out of the city, it begins to snow and they learn a major storm is coming.  A bad driver nearly hits them and Daren hopes he’ll crash, which he ends up doing.  They pass the accident and see a hand twitching through a broken window.  Two more checks off the horror story list right there.  Finally they arrive at the house and settle in for some snuggling by the fire and drinking.  Because friends getting drunk in a snowstorm in an old house in the middle of the woods far away from anything will certainly result in nothing sinister.  They are one topless scene away from being 50% of all horror movies I’ve ever seen (which isn’t too many, but still).

As they settle in, we also see a face hidden below the ice in a frozen pond, but of course, no one else notices it.  Why would they look at the patch of ice that they just wiped off.  The title made me also notice the trees around them, and I kept looking for something evil, but saw only a root that was beginning to move.  That night, two of the friends awake to see Daren going after Misha who appears to be sleepwalking in the snow, only in her pajamas.  She keeps saying, “Bring me my babies,” as she nears the black and twisted tree.  Finally, when she gets close enough, a branch reaches down and pulls her up by the neck.  The tree speaks through her, saying “Bring me my babies, and this one may live.”  We zoom back to see ghosts hanging from the tree just like Misha as the comic ends.

So, all in all, it’s an alright story with alright artwork.  To me, it all seemed a little typical with nothing that made me too excited about what would be happening next. Yes, I’m wondering what the tree’s babies are, but that’s about it.  Will they vanquish the evil?  Probably.  Will someone try to just chop down the tree and end up getting killed?  Almost definately.  Not worth spending any money to me.


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