The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin (Superman and Free Comic Book Day)

I had such high hopes for Superman in 2013. The hype for Man of Steel had caught me in 2012, and I thought this time might be different.

Superman’s boring, I used to say, but surely a new movie, in the “good superhero movie” age could win me over to the most iconic hero in the world.

I started 2013 with zero Superman shirts and ended with four. One was for my Halloween costume, where I made a perfectly acceptable Clark Kent (after rocking the world as the most interesting Spider-Man in the world in 2012).


Two others were for wearing around the house (one of which was faded, and also worn by a female coworker of mine, so that stays literally around the house).

The final was a Fleischer cartoon inspired yellow bordered S, the “special occasion” geek shirt I only wear sometimes. When I wore these, I truly felt like Superman.

Looked like him, too.


R Kelly ain’t gotten nothin’ on my flight ability beliefs!

But then Man of Steel came out and I realized it was all just iconography. That “S” inspires so many, or at least is worn by so many, but the stories behind it still fail to capture me.

The movie was a rollercoaster of boring to dull to illogical, all while subjecting me excessive amounts of Krypton and doing nothing to shake my preconception that Superman doesn’t actually have a personality of his own.

Back to the drawing board. But I’ll always have the t-shirts to remember the Year of The Superman That Wasn’t, as well as the Free Comic Book Day giveaway for “The Last Son of Krypton”.


We see Superman, talking to Jor-El in the Fortress of Solitude, underscoring that, to this point, Superman is the last son of Krypton.
Clark is talking with Perry White, when danger strikes! He rushes off to save the day, and what he finds is a flying Crunch Wrap Supreme.

Flying Crunch Wrap Supreme

Also, the entire comic’s an advertisement. I get it.

Superman finds he may, in fact, not be the last son of Krypton (thank goodness it wasn’t a daughter…then it’d be confusing to say the last son but not the last kid…etc).

The kid speaks Kryptonian, and there’s a nice little rapport built between Superman and the kid.

After it’s revealed the Department of Metahuman Affairs has begun testing the kid, Superman goes mental, breaks him out, and arrives at Ma and Pa Kent’s door for guidance on how to raise the little bugger.


Overall this wasn’t bad, and a good hook for this series. About what you could expect for a comic giveaway.

I love Free Comic Book Day, and this is part of the reason why. In addition to being an excuse to have what amounts to a holiday for comic book geekdom, the giveaways can expose me to things I might not usually give the time of day to (the Axe Cop giveaway a couple years ago, for instance). So when the clock strikes May 3rd, I’ll be out there, making the walk from the first Portland, ME comic book shop to the other one, filling my bag with goodies and using it as an excuse to pick up a Giant Size Man-Thing.

As for Superman, maybe the stories are good now, maybe I need to look past the movie and get to what it’s really all about, the comics…but how many times can I be burned, heat vision or not?


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