Rewinding the Week (4.13.2014)

Hey there, tv fans!  This week was a great one, although seemed to go by quickly without too much to watch.  That was okay, as I am re-watching Heroes season one (you know, back when it was good).  Anyways, let’s get started, with the much talked about season premier of one of the best television shows ever.

Game of Thrones: Yes, I know that the next episode comes out tonight, but let’s do a quick recap of what happened and what was awesome about it.  Tyrion gets caught off guard, which doesn’t happen often.  Jamie gets his golden hand, which looked pretty cool, while Cersei rejected him and just drank a whole lot (I mean there was wine everywhere in that scene).  Sansa and Shae both gave Tyrion more grief and seemed very ungrateful.  The dragons are getting bigger, and we got a new Daario, who still doesn’t look like the book described him.  We saw the Thenns, who eat people, and Jon Snow is safe, for now it seems.  Joffrey was a prick, of course.  But the best part for me was Arya and the Hound.  Arya is the most hardcore character, in my opinion, and doubly so in the book.  The scenes with her and the Hound were just awesome.  “Lots of people name their swords.”  “Lots of [expletives]” (Warning, link leads to a site that uses some adult language)  I cannot wait to see the next episode, and like everyone else who has read the books, I cannot wait for a certain scene to come up, which should hopefully happen soon.  Also, here’s a great video of the Hound, before he was the Hound.

The Simpsons: A Minecraft opening.  yippee.  The episode was alright, and Luca$ was a hit with me.

Bob’s Burgers: Linda gets “psychic powers” and goes to work for the police.  Not the best work put out this year by a typically great show.

Family Guy: Another mediocre episode.  Herpes, battles over the booth, meh.  Maybe GoT just got my expectations up to high since I watched it first.

Archer:  Part two of the Middle America saga.  Still funny, and restored my faith in adult-themed cartoons this week.

The Following: A solid episode, although not much really seemed to be happening.

Agents of SHIELD: Now this one was on par with GoT.  So much intrigue, so many betrayals.  I couldn’t believe what was happening.  This is reminding me of the Secret Warriors series which came out a few years ago.  Check it out if you can.  It dealt with a similar storyline.  In it, HYDRA is revealed to have been inside SHIELD the whole time and Nick Fury has to go underground with a small team to try and take them down.  It was well down and I’m anxious to see if any parts leak onto the screen.  Watch this show!  It has picked up the pace so much lately and, from what I hear, is going to continue strong to the end.  I guess I really should watch the new Captain America movie already.


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