J is for the Jester



The Jester, Jonathan Powers, is a subpar villain in the Marvel Universe.  I mean, he’s probably not as bad as Stilt-Man, but he still ranks pretty low in terms of being an actual threat to any superhero.  It’s not from a lack of history either.  He first appeared in Daredevil back in 1968, but just never seemed to get the popularity that many other villains of the era achieved.  From first glance, he almost seems to be a variation of the Joker, but is actually a little bit different.  For instance, I don’t think he is criminally insane, just a criminal.

Jonathan turned to a life of crime after being ridiculed as an actor.  His own role as Cyrano de Bergerac was a dismal flop and he was fired after the first showing.  Instead of taking acting lessons, he studied swordplay, gymnastics and bodybuilding.  He was employed as a goofy character on a children’s television program, but soon quit, growing frustrated by the amount of pies hitting his face.

Like many small-time super villains in the MU, the Jester gets much of his gadgetry from the Tinkerer, a supplier of those sorts.  (Why the Tinkerer didn’t just work for Tony Stark or something is beyond me)  The Jester uses themed weapons, such as a yo-yo, rubber balls, and artificial hands that explode or shoot from a cannon.

He’s been a Daredevil villain usually, but I guess he’s also been appearing in the Superior Spider-Man, which I haven’t read.  Although it strikes me as odd, because I was fairly certain that the Punisher killed the Jester during Marvel’s Civil War (which was a little different from the Civil War I heard about in history classes).  Maybe he didn’t actually die (as that happens from time to time in comics) or maybe it was just another person that had assumed his mantle.

Either way, it looks like the Jester is still alive and kicking, although chances are he will never make his way into a movie (unless they are really reaching in Sinister Six).


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