I is for Impossible Man



Continuing on our tour of slightly obscure Marvel characters, we come to Impossible Man.  A more ridiculous character would be difficult to find.  The Impossible Man is an alien from Poppup, a planet that has since been devoured by Galactus.  Impossible Man was the last survivor and differed from the rest of his race in the fact that he was adventurous.  He turned himself into a space ship and flew to Earth, where me met the Fantastic Four, whom he would annoy infrequently over the years.

Impossible Man gets his name from the fact that he can do anything.  He is a shapeshifter who seems to have no limits as to what his body can accomplish.  (Maybe he’s related to Skrulls as both are green shapeshifting aliens)  His only weakness appears to be boredom.  The FF originally got him to leave Earth by ignoring him and encouraging the rest of the world to do so as well.  Impossible Man has the ability to reproduce asexually, and created a wife from his own body.  Apparently he died during Chaos War, which I read, but don’t remember much of, besides a lack of enthusiasm for it.

Of course, since he is called Impossible Man, it would only stand to reason that he would one day return to the MU.  He has appeared more recently in an episode of Avengers Assemble where he pretends to be a director and tries to make Falcon into a star.  He is generally regarded as a nuisance more than a danger, and is usually rather immature.  He’s just another crazy part of a crazy world.


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