Change #1 (of 4)


Here we go, diving into the deep end of the free comics available.  I had never heard of Change before, published by Image, and I don’t know anything about the creators.  It’s a step out of my comfort zone, trying something completely unheard of like this, but the cover looked interesting.  A plain white background with a stripe of aque and three characters overlapping inside.  The price was right to try this, so I hope it pays off (pays off probably doesn’t work there as I didn’t pay, but I’ll leave that for the editors).

The first page blew me away.  The opening line, “Her face was beautiful like drone video footage from Afghanistan” made me wonder what I was getting in to.  The artwork looked like something I could see in a museum.  It’s hard to describe and do it justice, but rest assured, I was blown away.  Unfortunately, in that regard, the artwork does not continue to be that same style.  Instead, its rather distorted and wobbly, and oftne times confusing.  The panels on some pages flit between viewpoints or are small enough to only show details, which can make it a little hard to follow the storyline.

The storyline.  I don’t really know where to start.  This is probably one of the most confusing things that I have ever read.  I mean that as a complement though, as it is intriguing, but just a complete trip.  There are stories within stories and it is hard to tell what is real and what is being written by characters in the book.  There is a woman who writes disturbing things and has camoflague for her face who talks with her agent who seems rather eccentric.  There is a man in space with a tiny head who is watching the world beneath him.  There are two men in a van, watching monitors and takling about killing random people.  A famous rapper and his girlfriend/wife are the subject of cultish home invasion after coming back from a dog’s funeral.  A man sits at a typewriter and we’re told that LA is programmed to die and be reborn in less than a day.  And the last panel shows something else, completely unrelated, that looks like doom.

I’m exhausted just from typing it all out, nevermind reading it.  There is so much happening that I find it hard to put it all together and make sense of what the story is really about.  All I know is that I want more.  I’m lost and confused, but I do want to see the end of this.  Maybe then it will all make sense.  Even though I don’t like the art, I’m so captivated by the story that I don’t care.  Maybe the shaky lines are meant to add to the overall disoreintating effect that this comic has.  I will try to find the other issues, as there are only four in all, and will keep these creators on my radar from now on.  Trippy book.


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