H is for Howard the Duck



If your only experience with this character is the movie from the 80’s made by George Lucas, I’m sorry.  You need to read him in comic form, as it is just exponentially better.  Now, I will admit that my Howard library is incomplete, but it is one collection that I am trying to get together (along with all the 2099 series).

Howard comes from Duckworld, because of course he does, which is a planet similar to Earth but in a separate dimension.  Still in the mainstream universe though, I think.  I get a little confused about some of the dimensions/universe that exist.  He originally came into our world through the Nexus in the Florida everglades, where a certain Man-Thing resides.  After a little squabble he ended up in Cleveland where he faced some truly outrageous characters.  He also met Beverly Switzler, a model whom he formed a strong relationship with.  (It looked creepy in the movie, but I guess it wasn’t as odd looking in the comic, because, well, it’s a comic)

His main villain seems to be Doctor Bong, which is just an awesome name.  The last time I saw him, Deadpool had cut off his bonging hand, so he might not be so awful anymore.  Howard was popular (maybe) early in the 70’s but has been showing up a bit more recently.  He had a couple of short-lived mini series and also starred in a Zombies series (I’ll have to ask Andrew if he has that).  He was also in a Fearsome Four mini-series during Fear Itself.

Howard is a master of Quack-Fu, and I actually saw him holding a martial arts competition in a J2 book, which is an alternate future featuring among others, Spider-Girl.  He also apparently can wield magical powers and was almost an apprentice of Dr. Strange.  I would love for that to be a thing.

So remember Howard for the cigar-smoking, slightly-perverted duckman that he is, not for the horrible movie he made.  I hope he’ll continue to be used and I hope to someday complete my collection.  Here’s to you, Howard!  May your movie get a gritty reboot!


3 thoughts on “H is for Howard the Duck

  1. Hi! Glad I stumbled upon your blog during the A to Z Challenge! My theme is “Ladies I Love” and I’m featuring several cartoonists (Lynda Barry was the first one in my list, and I’ve got a couple more coming up), although they fall in line with alternative comics. I don’t know much about the superhero (or supervillain) types, but I figure your site will give me an education! Thanks for posting! 🙂

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