Civil War #5


In the previous issue we learned that Sue Storm, and the recently rehabilitated Johnny Storm, have left the Fantastic Four to join up with Captain America and his Secret Avengers. Sue and Johnny are seen flying through the streets of New York, being chased by a large team of S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers. Johnny is carrying Sue, who makes them both invisible, as they easily escape to make their way to the Secret Avengers headquarters.

Also in the previous issue, after the death of Goliath a couple members of Cap’s team left to join Iron Man’s team. Those members are now shown to be Nighthawk and Stature. The two of them are met at Stark Tower by Tony’s personal chauffeur and assistant, Happy Hogan, who remarks at the fact that Tony, who is supposed to meet them, is uncharacteristically late.

Upstairs, Spiderman has broke in through a wall, wearing the suit that Stark developed, to tell Iron Man that he is leaving the Avengers. As with Sue and Johnny Storm, Spiderman gives Goliath’s death as a reason for switching sides. He also disagrees with the imprisonment of fellow heroes in the negative zone. After arguing about the imprisonment of heroes, Spiderman attacks Iron Man, knocking him to the ground. Iron Man gets off a shot as Spiderman runs to leap out the window. His attempted escape is cut short as he slams face first into the reinforced glass. Just as Iron Man thinks he has him cornered, a group of soldiers bust through the door and open fire on Spiderman, breaking the window and allowing him to escape.

S.H.I.E.L.D receives a report that Spiderman has been spotted in the sewers, fleeing the scene. The Jester sends a bomb down the sewer tunnel, which explodes at Spiderman’s feet, blasting him to the wall. The Jester and Jack O’Lantern emerge from the darkness and begin a brutal beat down on Spiderman. The bomb that The Jester sent was also rigged with gas, which severely reduces Spiderman’s ability to fight back. As Jack O’Lantern grabs Spiderman by the throat and slams him to the wall, a bullet explodes through Jack’s pumpkin head, quickly followed by another through The Jester’s regular head. At this point Spiderman is still too “stoned” from the gas to realize what’s happened, and only refers to the man who just saved him as, “skull face guy”.

Sue and Johnny, whose secret identities are now that of a married couple, finally make their way to Cap’s new HQ. The current discussion is about the recent plan to infiltrate the Baxter Building to gain the plans for the negative zone prison. During this discussion The Punisher bursts in, carrying a severely injured Spiderman is his arms, and shouts for a medic. As the medics get to work on Spiderman, The Punisher reveals his plans to join Cap’s team because of the recent enlistment of known thieves and killers to Iron Man’s side. The decision to let The Punisher stay ultimately comes down to Captain America, which is not revealed in this issue. In the background during the argument, Tigra is shown hiding in the shadows, making a phone call to Tony Stark.

In Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil has been arrested and transported to Ryker’s Island Penitentiary, where the portal to the negative zone lies. Tony Stark personally escorts Daredevil through to the negative zone, trying to get Daredevil to change sides on the way. He explains their plan to have a “super-team” in every state, and even offers to let Daredevil lead one if he wants to. Daredevil says nothing except, “sleep well, Judas”.

Next Week : Civil War #6



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