Thief of Thieves #1


Back to an issue one (the most common issue available for free at comixology, and the bane of my existence, or at least column).  Here we have a non-zombie series by Kirkman, who did stuff besides the Walking Dead.  Who knew?  (I knew he did, actually, but I’ve never read any of them until now)  The cover is ominous, showing a man holding a painting, his face in shadows and the crowded tagline reading:


Kind of annoying, although maybe it’s just a spacing issue when you read it on a tablet.

The first page is a prologue that is just a guy picking up a phone, and saying, “Hello” after looking at an empty frame.  Then we are in chapter one, The Thief and his Apprentice, which is further broken up into sections such as How Celia and Remond Met. Or, How to Steal a Car.  I like the dual titles for the sections, as they give a little more information about what is coming.  The man is Remond, a master thief who took Celia under his wing when he saw her trying to steal his car one day.  It seems that they’ve worked together for a while, but not slept together (much to her apparent chagrin).  We see them stealing an envelope from a cruise ship safe after which Remond shows a lack of appreciation for his and Celia’s relationship.

They get to a penthouse and go up the elevator as Celia discusses an upcoming job that Remond has been putting off. However, he correctly guesses that the people he is working for and work with are waiting for him when he gets off the lift.  We see a few of what I assume are his crew, although we don’t learn any names.  It looks to me like an Oceans 11 style crew, with a diverse mix of people.

The man who bankrolls the jobs makes a toast to Remond, who swallows his drink and announces that he quits.  That’s how the issue ends.  Obviously, I’m thinking that he isn’t going to be able to qut, or maybe will have to pull one more job before he can get out of the business, only because that sort of thing seems to be standard protocol for criminals trying to retire from a life of crime.

The artwork is well-down.  It’s not overly detailed, but it uses shadows well.  I would guess that alsmot 50% of each page is black, which makes the rest of the pictures pop.  I liked that style in Dark Avengers, done by Deadato, and I like it here too.  The storyline seems like it’s been done before, and doesn’t make me too interested in what will happen next.  If I see any more free issues, or a trade that is cheap, I might give it a read, but overall, not too impressed.  I’m glad to see Kirkman’s other work, as it is nice to see he isn’t a one-trick pony, and I enjoy trying out non-superhero comics, but I just can’t recommend this highly.  It’s not bad, by any stretch, it’s just not good enough to justify spending much time and/or money on.  I know that some of you might think Invincible is an amazing Kirkman creation, but I’ve never read it, so I can’t agree or disagree with you there.  Maybe someday I’ll try it.  I think there is issue #1 free.



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