G is for the Grim Reaper!



The Grim Reaper is a part of the most convoluted family in the Avengers history, and that’s why he makes my list.  I first saw him in Avengers vol. 3, the first real series I bought monthly.  He had raised some dead Avengers from beyond the grave to fight against the living, including his very own brother, Wonder-Man (whom I don’t really like).  Now let me fill you in on the family if you’re unfamiliar with what’s happening.  It just so happens to tie in with Ultron, the baddie of the upcoming film, so some of these familial ties might make it onto the big screen (although probably not).

The Grim Reaper is Wonder-Man’s brother.  Wonder-Man’s brain patterns were used by Ultron to create the Vision (whose body was taken from the original Human Torch (or was it?)).  Therefore the three of them became almost brothers, except that Vision’s dad is Ultron, who was created by Hank Pym, so the Vision is his grandchild and the Grim Reaper is his half-grandson.  Now, the Vision and Scarlet Witch got married, so she is GR’s sister-in-law, and obviously she is related to Quicksilver (her brother) and Magneto (her father).  Ultron went on to create Jocasta, who would be like a sister to Vision, based on the Wasp’s brain patterns, who was considered by Ultron to be his mother.  He also created Alkhema, based on Mockingbird’s brain patterns (because, hey why not?)  Ultron did once capture all these people to use them to make more robots, but ultimately failed (of course), but even he called it a family reunion.

So Grim Reaper has some half/step siblings who are robots based on his enemies brain patterns.  He is related to some powerful mutants through marriage.  He is very strangely related to some of the founding Avengers (and in Janet’s case, more than once). He is a hot mess, but I still like him.

My favorite showing of him was during The Dark Reign, in which Osborn was in charge of the world.  Grim Reaper starred in Lethal Legion which was a team of bad guys who just did bad things for fun.  It was a fun, 3-issue series and really made the Reaper out to be a powerful villain.  Come back tomorrow for H.  It is one of my favorites!


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