The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin (Captain America: The Winter Soldier [SPOILERS])

Unfortunately, I did not find the time to read a crummy quarter-bin to free level comic this week; that will come next week, I swear. Between work for my MBA class and the fact that spring has sprung and I could enjoy some time outside, a bizarre, random comic review fell by the wayside. One thing I did do, however, was see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If you’re expecting me to line up with the rest of the fanboys heaping praise on this movie…you’re right. I loved this film. It capitalized on the assumption that the audience would know the backstory and dove right into the action, and continued to deliver the entire time. Characters didn’t seem forced (plucky sidekick The Falcon wasn’t obnoxious, which can be a common pitfall), to the point where I genuinely enjoyed their discourse out of costume. The appearance of Arnim Zola worked for me, becoming somewhat of a literal plot device, and the titular Winter Soldier was given enough time to justify his role in the movie while serving as a hook for Cap 3 and/or Avengers 2. Plenty of action, a great “spy/action thriller” storyline, and good characters make this a quintessential superhero movie, in my book.


Just a few questions, though:


Does SHIELD still exist? Marvel has a whole TV series based around it, and while it seems like they’re working toward a “falling apart” storyline, it begs the question of what would happen to Agents of SHIELD without SHIELD…


Did they really go full monocle with Baron Strucker? Between that and the stupid look on the lost Olsen triplet’s face as she looked at cubes, I’m a little leary on this whole thing, but given Marvel’s history, they can probably reel it in.


With all of Cap’s motorcycle riding in the movie, can a Ghost Rider MCU reboot be far away? Yes, yes it can be.


2 thoughts on “The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin (Captain America: The Winter Soldier [SPOILERS])

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