Rewinding the week (4.6.2014)

Whew!  Another week down, and some serious television to discuss.  Let’s start with what always causes a big buzz.  (WARNING! There are some spoilers!)

The Walking Dead: Lots of “Wow!” moments for the season finale.  Rick biting out that guy’s jugular as Carl almost gets raped!  Crazy!  I’m glad Daryl stuck with the Marauders long enough to get back with some of the group.  And is that not the most hardcore quartet ever on the show?  Michonne, Daryl, Rick, and Carl?  A dream team of zombie (and human) killers.  But then again, they prove to be idiots as they stumble into Terminus.  I was a little disappointed that the show went in the direction it did, only because everyone saw it coming, even if they didn’t read the comics.  And why didn’t they just send in 2 people?  Be smarter than that.  Last gripe, the end lines, “They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out.  They’re screwing with the wrong people.”  That just oozes corniness.  I know it’s from the comic, but still, it just sounded lame.  But all in all a good episode.  I was surprised no one important died, and of course, I will be waiting for next season eagerly.

The Simpsons:  A pretty good one.  I like soccer (aka football to the rest of the world) and so was pleased to see some acknowledgement of the World Cup.  I feel like the family had been to Brazil before, but their history is too dense for me to remember it all.  Well done.

Family Guy: Again with a Chris-centered episode.  I like the way it’s going.  A nice Cyrano de Bergerac tale, although I had one question.  Chris can understand Stewie now?  I didn’t think anyone in the family, besides Brian, could do that.  Oh well.  A fair showing.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Finally this was back.  It feels like forever since the last episode.  Although I’m not a huge fan of Dethlok’s outfit, seeing him through some filter looked awesome. I feel like this show is really starting to heat up, as mysteries are revealed and it is getting more and more action.  I know the season is almost over, but this is the best it’s been.  On a side note, why do lead characters get to run into situation without any body armor or helmets?  That’s just dumb.  But the show is awesome!

The Following: This continues to be a solid watch each week.  We got to see more of Lily Gray and her family this week, but didn’t neglect seeing Joe teaching some of his “children” to kill.  Nice work.

Arrow: Oliver (Mc)Queen loses everything this week.  He is now at the lowest point since the island and Slade looks ready to strike with everything he’s got.  Or will he lose more?  I want to find out.  Good stuff.

Archer: Still the funniest show I watch.  Just watch it already.  I can’t do it justice.

Chozen: The season finale ended with a bang and with our hero on top (and not in a sexual way).  A strong ending to a show that had its ups and downs.

Next week, Game of Thrones!!!! I’m so excited.  I recently re-read all the books in preparation and cannot wait to see a certain event unfold.  It will be the happiest day for so many fans!


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