Middle East Film and Comic Con (part 3: the survey)

As part of my time at MEFCC, I asked a bunch of people to participate in a brief survey.  I even tempted them by offering a gift card to Midtown Comics, whish would be emailed to the winner.  (Congratulations to you, winner! I hope you enjoy it and buy some great things.)

I was hoping to get more people involved but ran into a couple of difficulties.  Number one was that not everyone spoke English.  I had expected this, as it was in the Middle East, so that wasn’t too much of a damper.  The bigger problem was that most people just didn’t want to spend the minute or 2 answering questions.  Looking back on this, I think it was mainly because I was not an attractive female dressed up like a comic character.  So, for the next comic con, Boston, I will be looking to persuade someone who fits that description to do some of the legwork for us.  (if you’re interested, please see our About page and email us)

Anyways, here, as promised, are the results of the brief survey.  Please keep in mind, only 50 people participated, including myself (only to bring it up from 49 which doesn’t do percentages nicely).  I only tried for about an hour and a half to get participants before growing restless.  Thank you to everyone who helped out and congrats again to our winner (whose name I don’t know, but whose email I will not be posting for obvious reasons).

Question 1: Who is your favorite superhero?

I was a little disappointed by the lack of creativity here, but there were a few surprises at the very bottom.

Spider-Man: 22%

Batman: 18%

Superman: 14%

Iron Man and Green Lantern tied:  10% each

Thor: 8%

Deadpool and Wonder Woman also tied: 4%

Son Goku, Jojo, Rogue, Storm, Howard the Duck all captured 2% of the votes, which is, sadly, only one person each.  (Yes, the Howard the Duck is my vote)

Question 2: DC or Marvel?  Or both?  Or neither?

Marvel: 46%

DC: 28%

Both:  22%

Neither: 4% (the same guys who cast their votes for Jojo and Son Goku)

Question 3: Pick any 2 powers to have

Since this one did allow people to pick 2, I actually got 100 answers, which again, divided nicely for my percentages.  The first answer was not a surprise at all, but strength being so low was not something I had predicted.

Flight: 25%

Super Speed: 18%

Psychic: 15%

Regeneration and Invisibility tied: 11%

Super Strength: 9%

Super intelligence: 8%

Shape Shifting: 2%

Telekinesis: 1%

Pyrokinetic and Breathing Underwater both were tied for dead last: 0%

So there you have it!  Thanks again to everyone who helped out and I hope to do another one in the future, hopefully with better results.  (Again if you’re interested in helping us advertise, give us an email)



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