Middle East Film and Comic Con (part 2: the Cosplayers)

As I said in the previous post, we were only at the MEFCC for part of one day.  I’m sure there were plenty more people dressed up.  And I know that there were more there when we were.  However, we didn’t get pictures of everyone, and am only posting some of the more memorable ones we did see.  So, sorry if you’re not on here.  But I’m sure you will be on some other site.  For those of you here to see semi-nude females, you’re out of luck.  Even though it was a comic-con, it was still in the Middle East, so the scantily-clad were not out as much as some places.  Let’s start with Star Wars.  Bring on the storm troopers!


Some of these we thought were statues as they barely moved at all.  In the picture of the red one, you can also see the back of Rorschach, who nimbly avoided me every time I tried to get a picture.


Here’s one more, who opted to keep a kandora instead of wearing the blast suit.  Of course, from watching the movies, I’m guessing it offers the same amount of protection from blasters.  Also, he has a lightsaber! Either there was a very careless Jedi, or this is one powerful Jango Fett clone.





Four more Star Wars pictures.  The Darth Vader was almost 7 feet tall, so mad props for that.  The Jabba/Yoda looks like it might be from the weirdest team-up/buddy movie ever.  The Leia/Chewie duo were great and strolled around for a while promoting a cosplay shop.  That lone Jedi at the end just looks like he is contemplating using the force to get ahead in line.  Now onto the rest.


DSCF3687Green Arrow and Deadpool, both ready to shoot me (although Green Arrow is either only pretending, or… he’s shooting invisible arrows!)


(I know it was a weak lead-in, but still, it works)


DSCF3689A couple Doctor Who costumes.  The Doctor teaming up with some mustachioed women (above) and the TARDIS with a Pikachu (an odd pairing, but who am I to judge?


Silk Spectre (I think the second, but I’m not positive.  Correct me if I’m wrong)


A nice Joker get-up, one of the better ones I saw that day.


Wayne’s World! Excellent! I was super pumped to see this one!  One of my favorites, for sure.


Not sure who this was, but she seemed very tired.


My wife and daughter’s favorite.  I will admit, it looks like they took the most time in making theirs.  They looked wonderful.


Link (not Zelda).  I think he needs a bigger shield though.


Ghostbusters are always a good choice, and these guys looked great.


A nice Black Cat costume, but I’d say the best hair goes to…


Dr. Henry McCoy!  I really enjoyed this.  It actually seems rather simple to create, but just looks fantastic.


I think that this is supposed to be one of the tv-robots from Saga, but I’m not sure.


Do you see Steve Zissou?  This guy, his wife, and kid were all on Team Zissou!


I saved my other favorite for last.  Another classic, easy to do, but so wonderful to see.  I was a little disappointed that he talked though.  Still, I love Silent Bob!

That’s our small collection.  Tomorrow I’ll be putting up part 3, which will show the results of the small poll I conducted with some very willing and friendly participants.  Thanks to everyone who let me take their picture!


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