Marvel’s Avengers Assemble

This week my daughter and I looked back at a great series, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble!  Now, a year or so ago, we had watched Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but I must say I prefer this one.  The animation is better, although the EMH had a better cast of heroes.  Avengers Assemble focuses on Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Falcon, and Hawkeye.  Black Widow occasionally makes an appearance as well.  For my daughter, it’s a bit disheartening as there is no Wasp or Captain Marvel, two of her favorites.

She chose to re-watch the episode Blood Feud, mostly because it featured Black Widow heavily, and because she is rather morbid and enjoys vampires (real vampires, not Twilight stuff).  In this episode, we learn that Dracula was an “uneasy ally” of Captain America and the USA during WWII.  They both fought against Hydra back then.  Because, of course they did.  Some vampires, led by an infected Black Widow attack the Avengers’ Tower.  Luckily, there are UV lights installed everywhere.  So that gets rid of the lesser vamps, leaving only Widow, who delivers a message from Dracula.  They capture her after a bit of fighting.  Iron Man doesn’t want to believe in some crazy thing like vampires (as he is standing next to the Hulk and Thor) but in the end, they pull him along a they travel to… DUN DUN DUN! Transylvania of course!

There they find Dracula waiting for them.  Hawkeye instigates, as he always seems to do, and a fight ensues.  Rather standard stuff until Dracula bites Hulk.  Now, this in itself is a bit of a problem for me since things don’t usually pierce the Hulk’s skin.  But, nonetheless, his teeth do (even though one fang had been knocked out by Cap’s shield).  Dracula Hulks out and Hulk vamps up (and I don’t mean he dresses in drag).  However, much to Dracula’s dismay, it turns out that Hulk’s blood is like sunshine.  Oh, of course, gamma radiation, solar radiation, it’s all the same thing apparently.

So, as anyone who has ever watched a cartoon or read a standard comic book might be able to guess, Dracula is defeated and the Black Widow is cured.  *Phew!*  At the end though, we do get a glimpse of Dracula, with many tubes hanging onto him, get a visit from the Red Skull who invites him to be part of his cabal.  (Why are cabals inherently evil?  Why doesn’t anyone start a cabal of friendship or a cabal of caring?  Probably because that would be lame, but still.)  The cabal does come into play in later episodes, so this is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Overall, aside from a few weak points in the plot, I enjoyed the show and my daughter definitely did.  I would watch all the episodes again and probably will.  This is one of my favorite new(er) cartoons out there today.


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