D is for Demogoblin (and Doppelganger!)



I was tempted to do others.  Deadpool? Too overdone by the media.  Doctor Doom?  A favorite villain but… nah.  Dethlok was a strong contender.  Not only did I also first see him in Maximum Carnage, but he is on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. too.  D-Man?  Actually I do love me some homeless superhero… But again, no.  I settled on one of my top three Goblin characters (and yes, there are more than 3) Demogoblin!

I did see him in Maximum Carnage, (man it’s hard to get away from that compelling tale) and later in another Spider-Man comic, alongside his occasional ally, and additional D-name, Doppelganger!



Demogoblin was Jason Macendale, a mercenary who went by Jack O’Lantern before becoming the fourth (!) Hobgoblin.  But Hobgoblins are a dime a dozen, and there has, to my knowledge, only been one Demogoblin.  Well kind of two, I guess.  See, when I saw him, Demogoblin had left Macendale’s body and began his own career.  But I never saw that story play out.

Demogoblin was on a quest to destroy all sinners, and thus earn his own redemption, an odd goal for a demon in my opinion, but one that drove him into numerous conflicts, most often with Spider-Man.  It was during this time that he joined forces with Carnage, but didn’t quite fit in with the team as well as others.  That was alright, as he continued his own crusade until he met his untimely death while saving a child from being crushed to death by a crumbling church during a fight with the original (maybe) Hobgoblin.  Now that is a poetic end.

I don’t have that actual comic, but I have another one where Demogoblin had a kid hostage.  He had the kid with some weird demon disease.  The kid’s face was all goopy.  Ghost Rider was there too and his recklessness is what killed the kid and cheesed Spider-Man but good.  What ever happened to that kid?  I don’t know.

So even though he’s dead, and was a minimal character during the 90s, I still miss you Demogoblin.  As you’re a demon, I’ll continue to hold out hope that one day, your infernal glider will once again blacken the skies.


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