Detective Honeybear


Continuing Kid’s Week, we’re back again.  I’m trying another one of my daughter’s finds on the free page of comixologyDetective Honeybear and the Case of the Curious Cap.  Congrats to them on their successful Kickstarter campaign to make this comic.  It’s always nice to see some new people breaking into the business.  It looks like a teddy bear that is a detective from the cover, and so the cute factor was definately in its favor for drawing in her attention.  I asked her what she had thought of it, and got a minimal response so I figured I should check it out myself, just to be sure.

It’s a black and white comic, with only the titular character done in shades of brown.  This gives it a noir sense, which makes the cutesy element an odd juxtaposition.  It opens on a dead body in an alley with two human detectives looking on, trying to figure it out before Honeybear makes his entrance and finds a clue.  Let me say, there is one part of reading this that I fonud to be incredibly frustrating and infurtiating.  I actually didn’t read it the whole way through at first and had to go back to it a couple days later.  Detective Honeybear not only is a little teddy, but he talks in a baby voice with all his “r” and “l” sounds pronnounced like w’s.  It is very annoying to read and I felt stupid reading it.  It just seemed unnecesary.  I mean, “Wet’s wook at the wogo of the bumbwe bee, shaww we?” is just dumb.  I hate that.  Sorry, I had to get that out before I continued.  I’ll try not to let that impact the rest of the review.

So Honeybear and one of the detectives go through their leads.  Along the way we meet the captain, who Honeybear snuggles up to and falls asleep upon after discussing the case.  The pair of sleuths follow the trail of clues and interview people of interest.  Along the way, Honeybear steals a man’s sandwich and leaves him a pile of his excrement in return.  We learn that the dead man has a baseball connection, which helps move the case along.

It also seems as though Honeybear knows more than he tells his partner and only wants to go some places because he is, as he puts it, “a weawwy, weawwy big basebaww fan.” (Must. Not. Scream.)  In the end, he solves the case, which again, he apprently knew the whole time.  The true culprit is unbelievable and just plain dumb.   If you couldn’t tell, I’m not a fan of this book.  The captain echoes my thoughts of the story at the ends, telling Honeybear it was a waste of resources.  Luckily, it was just a short issue.

On the plus side, the art was good.  As I mentioned, it had a noir feel to it, and seemed like a good fit for a good detective story.  Unfortunately, this was not a good detective story.  Not only from the horrible dialogue, but the whole idea of Detective Honeybear in general just falls flat.  I will not be looking into getting the next issue The Mystewy of the Tewwibwe Wwamas!  Never.  Never ever, ever going to happen.  This one is gettinga quick delete.

Thus ends the first Kid’s Week here at Free Comics Now! reviews.  Overall, a disaster.  I’ll have to try again sometime in the hopes of redeeming children’s comics.


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