C is for Cloak



Welcome back to another day of the A to Z blogging challenge happening everyday except Sundays, all April long!  Here at GSCT, we are celebrating the alphabet by looking at a different Marvel character each day.

Today we are checking out Cloak, or as he is known by no one except his girlfriend Dagger, Tyrone Johnson.  As one half of the original MU runaway lovers, Cloak was exposed to an experimental drug that opened up his body (via his cloak) into a portal to the Darkforce Dimension, a dark place that he can teleport through or hold people prisoner within.  He and Dagger (the light to his dark) fight drug crime and were, like Ares, once duped into joining up with Osborn, although they really should have known better.

I first saw Cloak in Maximum Carnage, the best Spider-Man storyline ever (suck on that Death of Gwen Stacy!) He was sullen and helping Spidey’s team because Shriek had apparently killed Dagger.  It later came to be that Dagger wasn’t actually dead, or maybe that she came back three days later, resurrected and ready to save Cloak’s soul.  It’s hard to remember sometimes.  Cloak remains an intriguing figure for me.  I like teleporters, and his edginess makes him a strong anti-hero.  Dagger provides a nice balance for him and their powers work well together.  Although I don’t have many appearances of this dark shadow, I do look for him in news releases.  Here’s hoping he gets a new ongoing!  Come back tomorrow for the D (and it won’t be Dagger).


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