Civil War #4


The beginning of #4 starts right where #3 ended. Thor descends from the sky onto the battlefield, much to the disbelief of Captain America and his team. Their disbelief is justified since they apparently all thought that Thor was dead. I guess that’ll do it. Thor easily takes out Falcon, Cable, Daredevil, and Dagger with one hurl of Mjolnir. As another group tries to escape, Thor slams Mjolnir into the ground, knocking the rest of the group off their feet.

Our attention is turned to another battle taking place between Iron Man and Captain America. Just as in #3, Iron Man is continuing his assault on Captain America, who doesn’t seem to stand much of a chance. Iron Man deploys some kind of sound weapon that is supposed to shutdown the human brain which drop Cap, and the rest of his team to their knees. Just as Iron Man is about to deal the final blast, his suit warns him of an impending attack. Iron Man turns to face Hercules, who proceeds to slam an oil tanker down on him, causing a massive explosion. As Hercules is busy dealing with Iron Man, Falcon rushes to Captain America’s aid. Falcon instructs the rest of the team to gather around Cloak so they can all be teleported away.

Back to the battle with Thor, we now have Goliath joining the fray.”Get ready for the shortest comeback in history, Thor”. Those are the famous last words of Goliath. Goliath barely has time to finish this sentence before Thor blasts a hole straight through his chest, killing him instantly. Now of course, everyone is freaking out and trying to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. As Cap’s team gathers around Cloak to be teleported, Thor delivers a lightning bolt to the group, in hopes of destroying them all. As the lightning bolt crashes onto the team, Sue Storm creates a forcefield around them, saving them from certain destruction and giving them time to teleport away. Now up until now Sue has been on Iron Man’s team, but when she saw what Thor was doing she made the decision to help the others. We also find out here that this is not the real Thor. This Thor is a clone made by Iron Man and his team to help them against Captain America. The clone was supposed be just like Thor, which is why everybody is so pissed about the death of Goliath. Sue Storm makes it very obvious that she is upset with Mr. Fantastic, who played a part in the clones creation.

At Avengers Tower, Iron Man’s team is getting patched up and regrouping after their battle with Caps team. Mr. Fantastic begins work on the Thor clone to try to get it back into fighting shape. Everybody is still reeling after the death of Goliath and some are even second guessing their loyalties. This section ends with Spiderman talking to Hank Pym and Janet about whether or not they picked the right side.

Over at Secret Avengers Headquarters, Captain America and his team are going through the same stuff as the others. Cable and a couple others decide that they’ve had enough of the fighting and don’t want to end up in the super prison so they cash out while they’re still breathing. As they are on their way out, the focus pans to a ski masked mystery man/woman creeping in the shadows, spying on the entrance to the hideout.

Sue Storm leaves Reed Richards a long heartfelt letter about the recent turmoil and the strain that it has out on their relationship. Sue takes off with her brother Johnny during the night, possibly to join with Cap and his team.

This issue ends back at Avengers Tower where Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, and Wasp are discussing some new members that were just recruited to their team. It turns out that to combat the recent loss of some of their members, Reed Richards enlisted the help of some inmates at their super prison. They have recruited, among others, Lady Deathstrike, Taskmaster, Bullseye, and Venom.

Next Week : Civil War #5



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