B is for Big Bertha

Ashley Crawford (Earth-616) from Deadpool Corps Rank and Foul Vol 1 1


I love the Great Lakes Avengers, or Invaders, or X-Men, or Champions, or… whatever they are calling themselves these days.  (Defenders?  Is that what they have now?)  Big Bertha is a staple character in this team of loony, reject-bin superheroes.  Her real name is Ashley Crawford and she’s a supermodel.  Or, as super as a model in Wisconsin can be.  Oh, and by the way, when she’s a model, she doesn’t look like the above picture.  No, she’s more like this:



The extra 650 pounds comes from her power, and probably some alternate dimension, as these things tend to be.  The best part though?  She goes back to being super skinny by… being bulimic!  Another B-word for today!  Yeah, she just heads to the bathroom, presumably clogs the toilet with huge amounts of vomit and goes back to being gorgeous and doesn’t even have stretch marks from it.  Take a lesson girls! (Seriously, don’t be bulimic.  That is horrible.)  Her modeling gigs actually make enough money to fund the GLA, which either means she does all the modeling in Wisconsin, or it doesn’t take much to keep a team going.

Like most of the GLA, she hates Deadpool, which is unfortunate, as he really likes her (as BB, not the model).  She is pretty strong and durable, and I guess in all ways just like the Blob, only with smaller breasts.  Anyways, she’s a part of my favorite goofball team and that’s why she gets a special mention today.  Big Bertha, I salute you, no matter how you’re portrayed.


5 thoughts on “B is for Big Bertha

  1. I found your site through the A to Z April Challenge site. This was an interesting post. I’m curious and interested in Comic culture but also a bit intimidated as I wouldn’t know where to start. I have started reading some Deadpool though and I love him! Looking forward to see what other characters you write about this month.

    • I loved the GLA. It was such a great mash-up of people who had powers, but not really “super” powers. I sort of feel bad for all of them since, in the MU, they are at the bottom of the ladder as far as powers go. Doorman especially

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