Superduck and the Complicated Absolute Meringue Cake


A first for us here at Free Comics Now! reviews.  A real kids’ comic book.  This week is Kid’s Week in this corner of GSCT.  Today and Thursday will feature comics meant for a younger crowd.  This week, from the looks of the cover, we have a Donald Duck story, which shows Donald and some other duck looking at a horribly baked something coming out of an over.  The cover just looks like a panel from a book with a blocky title over it.  The lines are standard cartoon basics, with no shadows or detail.  Generally what one would expect.

It starts off on Christmas Eve with Superduck (the only superduck for me is Howard), I’m assuming, soaring over town in a flying car and being mistaken for Santa Claus.  He tries out the retro rockets and ends up at the North Pole before heading back to the town.  Once there he hears a distressing call and goes to find Ludwig von Drake (the other duck from the cover) upset over burning an Absolute Meringue Cake (I thought maybe it was supposed to be Absolut, but I guess it probably wasn’t).  Although von Drake has degrees in delicociology, applied pinic and soufle thermodynamics, apparently he doesn’t know how to watch the oven.  The ingrediants for this cake are very rare, but no worry, Superduck will help him find them.  It’s not like he’s a superhero who might want to help save lives or anything.

They get the ingrediants, stay up all night to make another, and then go off to Christmas Eve dinner, this time driving the car instead of flying, which would have allowed them to avoid the next problem, Gus Goose, a portly poultry who seems to have trouble controlling his eating.  I’m sure you can guess where this is heading, and you’re probably correct.

The artwork is simple, but apprently not simple enough for the colorist.  Background characters’ hair and clothes change from panel to panel, just on page one.  The story itself, even being meant for children, is still just sloppy.  The dialogue seems like it is missing in some places and just awkward in others.  The story itself is only 9 pages, so this has been the shortest review as of yet.  Don’t waste your time on this issue.  My daughter didn’t even enjoy it, and she is part of the target audience.  Donald Duck has fallen a long way since the wonders of Carl Barks.


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