A is for Ares

1409909-29 chaos war ares 1


As part of the A to Z blogging challenge, I will be posting every day in April (except Sundays) about a particular character in the Marvel Universe.  I’m a true believe, so I may be skewed in my affiliation with characters.  Today, the first day of the month, I’m starting with Ares, one of the many gods (notice the small g) in the MU.

Ares, for those who don’t know, is a son of Zeus and half brother or Hercules, a more prominent figure in the MU.  In the comics, Ares and Hercules share no love and usually end up fighting, with Hercules getting the upper hand.  I know that Ares caused trouble for Herc a while ago, but my first true experience with him was in the Mighty Avengers. He was recruited by Iron Man to be muscle for his new team, and proved to be quite valuable.  He was brash, to be sure, but was an excellent force to be reckoned with.  Of course, he still lost to Hercules around the time of World War Hulk.  After Stark was cast out and Norman Osborn took over SHIELD (re-named HAMMER) and the Avengers, Ares stayed on as part of the Dark Avengers team.  This caused some friction with others, but Ares saw it as simply continuing the fight he had started.

It was during this time that he had a small, 3-issue series, simply titles Ares.  I love it, as I did the Dark Avengers series.  In Ares, he was tasked by Osborn to train a group of men in all things war.  This series was a great in-depth look at the God of War and how he related to us puny mortals.  He also had a previous series that focused on his relationship with his son Alex, aka Phobos.  Phobos, the God of Fear played a large part in Secret Warriors, one of my all time favorite series.  We saw some of the father-son relationship in play there as well.

Sadly, Ares died at the hands of the Sentry during Siege, which has been called by many “a piece of flaming excrement.”  In fact, Ares was literally torn in half on a two page spread, his guts spilling out as blew splattered every where.  Pretty horrific stuff.  Ares was sort of redeemed though as he was only killed because he was about to kill Osborn for lying to him.  His son died as well as we saw the two of them reunited in Elysian Fields.  However, as they are both gods, there is no way that they will stay dead.  I look forward to their eventual return to comics.

Join us tomorrow for a BIG B.


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