Monday Morning Quarter-Bin: Blackhawk


No, this isn’t an article about hockey, it’s a review of a random back issue I got for free mixed in with a lot of other comics as part of a well intentioned Christmas gift. Blackhawk #13, published April 1990, features characters from the “Blackhawk squadron” (according to Wikipedia), and drops us into the thick of some World War II era spy action, with a “Suggested for Mature Readers” warning to boot.

Blackhawk 13 cover

What could be so lascivious about this book?

For starters, a murder scene in a sauna featuring a Russian assassin, his buttcheeks, and sweat droplets that more closely resemble chicken pox. Oh, and after the murder it’s implied the assassin has an erection. I feel dirty.


Other plotlines included some stolen jade and prototype aircraft, and a dogfight/emergency landing.

Honestly, the art’s not bad, and if you’re into dialogue heavy, plot driven, non-superhero comics, there are probably worse examples out there than this. If you can find this for cheap/free, it wouldn’t be the biggest insult to your intelligence.

Other notes:

The Butcher: Armed and Ready


“DC Comics’ first new Super-Hero for the 1990’s”, you say? I’m sure he went on to have a long and successful run…for five issues.

This movie.


“Ford Fairlane”? Never heard of it, but you’re telling me it has Andrew Dice Clay, Wayne Newton, and Priscilla Presley? Good god…

In all honesty, it seems like one of those “send ups” of a genre that almost seems to be a parody, but is just really, really bad (Surf Ninjas, I’m looking at you).



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