Rewinding the week (3.30.2014)

Another week comes to an end, another week begins.  Some shows have ended, I guess (I never really pay attention to solicitations for tv) and others are ending soon.  What will I do?  Probably go back and re-watch Heroes, as they say that it’s coming back.

The Walking Dead: So, there’s only one more episode to go.  We all know something horrible will happen and people will die.  I’m glad some of our favorites have made it to Terminus, and hopefully the rest will follow soon.  And Glen and Maggie?  There’s only one thing that can sum that up.

In lieu of continued recapping, I’m going to make some predictions and hopes for tonight’s episode.

I know the internet is abuzz with the people of Terminus being cannibals and I’ll admit, the thought did come up here at home.  I’m hoping that it isn’t true though.  I would rather it be some sort of weird cult.  I’m thinking that since they were reunited (see above) either Glen or Maggie will die.  Also, I think Daryl’s group of “outdoor cats” will find Rick and a fight will break out with Daryl unsure of where his loyalty lies for a few seconds, and then will side with Rick.

The Simpsons: I think this week’s episode had a meaningful message.  Too often people only care about art or consider things art because of who created it.  I enjoy going to art museums and often am disappointed by some of the things I see hanging on the walls.  I don’t know, or care, who the people are, but I do know that a plain green canvas with one orange circle does not fit my definition of museum-worthy art.

Bob’s Burgers: I was happy that this week heavily featured Teddy, a regular at the restaurant (and no, that’s not a fat joke).  Again, this brought me great amounts of mirth as always.

Family Guy: Just when I thought Chris Griffin (aka Seth Green, the son of Dr. Evil) was being written out of the show, BAM! There he is, front and center in an episode.  I’m especially happy since I will hopefully being seeing Seth at the Middle East Film and Comic Con this coming week.

The Following: Special guest star Beth from the Walking Dead.  I guess this is where she was taken after being kidnapped a couple weeks ago.  Blood sacrifices and suspenseful action continue to make this show watchable.

Archer: I guess this is like a part three of the Columbia trip as it told the story of how they all got back to their headquarters.  Also, the first appearance of a cocaine-whipped cream bikini.

Chozen: I’m coming back around on this show.  This past week was a stronger performance and quite funny.  Next week is gearing up to be a huge concert which will hopefully be a great season finale.

Arrow: I know that secret identities are a crucial part to all things superhero, but come on!  How anyone can keep their identity a secret when they are face to face, inches away from friends and family is beyond me.  Cool to see the Huntress face off against Black Canary.  The season is dragging a little but hopefully will end on a strong note.

Brooklyn 99: The show opens with Jake getting fired, which was dealt with in a fairly predictable fashion.  As Slim James mentions, the show is “funny/dumb” but for me, usually more funny.  The end, I agree, was too sitcom.  Can’t wait for this to come back next season.

That’s it for the week.  No Agents of SHIELD, which is frustrating, but hopefully it will be back this week.  Stay tuned!


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