Friday Top 5 (It IS Spring, right?)

Today’s Friday Top 5 will probably be a little less media heavy, as I’ve been a little busy this week and haven’t really “watched” a lot of things.

1. $75, cash. (I figured a picture was unnecessary, so I included a link to the wiki answer for the difficult conundrum of writing a $75 check).
Obtained by me for a two hour focus group; all I had to do was listen to some uppity women complain about waiting at the doctor’s office. What’s great about this is it’s paying for my dinner at Gather, a restaurant specializing in locally sourced food and one that looks to have some amazing possibilities.

2. The Mind of a Chef on Netflix. This is hardly hot and fresh, but I burned through seven episodes this week and look to rack up a half dozen or more next week. While David Chang is hardly a compelling host, the subject matter, a mix of haute cuisine, food production documentary, and kitchen demonstrations, all with a recursion back toward Asian cuisine, have me craving more episodes.

3. The Habs 2-1 shootout win over the Bruins. As a Montreal Canadiens fan living in New England, I’m often subject to the obnoxious expulsions of Bruins fans, more so because of the B’s recent Stanley Cup success. Every time the Habs beat the Broons, a frenchie gets their wings (or at least a plate of poutine).

4. Brooklyn Nine Nine’s season finale – A nice little piece of plot progression for this comedy as [spoiler?] Andy Samberg’s Peralta will go undercover for the FBI in the coming months. Brooklyn Nine Nine quickly became one of my favorites after I gave it a chance, as it successfully straddles the line of “dumb/funny” rather than just “dumb/dumb”. My only misgiving was Boyle (spoiler) waking up in bed with Gina only to scream in the classic sitcom “what have we done” moment. To quote the late great Barenaked Ladies, woo hoo hoo, it’s all been done.

5. This “fan-made” Daredevil trailer.

Apparently this is part of the fella’s grassroots movement to get an audition for the planned Daredevil Netflix show. Probably won’t happen, but I appreciate his hustle. This can go with “Dirty Laundry” for the “Marvel Knights we’ll never see” collection.

Dishonorable Mention:
The comic seller (who shall rename nameless, because it’s not that big of a deal) who told me my online order was delayed because he was busy shooting a spot on some TV show. I hadn’t noticed any delay, and seriously, #humblebrag much? “Sorry, I’ve been soooo busy being an extra”. Gimme a break.

That’s better (and what an epic, tension-building lead in).


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