X-Men “Night of the Sentinels Pt. 2”

Season 1 Episode 2

Aired 11/7/1992

Previously on X-Men, we ended with Jubilee being captured and taken away by the Sentinels, and a group of X-Men just about to open a door with a squad of goons waiting on the other side. In the previous post I had said that the X-Men were breaking in to this facility to save Jubilee, which I found in this episode to be false. Jubilee is being held in an entirely different facility. The X-Men are breaking in to a different one for the sole purpose of destroying mutant records.

This episode starts back at the Mutant Control Agency, where Cyclops, Gambit, and Rogue are waiting outside for the rest of the team. Cyclops is whining because he doesn’t know what is going on inside with the rest of the X-Mean. Storm, Wolverine, Beast, and Morph are shown making their way back to the door from the end of the previous episode. Just as Storm is about to open the door, Wolverine can apparently smell the gun oil from the lasers that the guards have. Now Im no gun expert, but it seems to me that a laser gun wouldn’t need too many moving parts, which I assume is what the oil is for. But anyway, Wolverine can smell the laser gun oil and slams the door before Storm can open it. Storm then blasts the door and the guards beyond with a huge gust of wind, throwing them down the corridor.

Back outside, Cyclops has now become so impatient that he decides it would be a good idea to just blast their way in to see what’s happening. As soon as they enter through the face they are immediately attacked, and Cyclops makes sure to let Rogue and Gambit know that no humans are to be harmed. These people are trying to kill you!

Storm and the rest of the team on the inside find the room that holds the mutant records. Morph is sent in, posing as a military officer, and sends the guards away on a different mission. If it was this easy to get in there, why didn’t Morph just disguise himself and walk in the front door? That seems a little more efficient. After making their way into the records room, Beast in put on the task of erasing the files from the computer, while Storm goes for the filing cabinets holding the hard copies. Much to her dismay the cabinets are locked! What ever shall they do? Just have Wolverine stab the lock, that’ll do the trick.

The location shifts now to the Sentinel factory in Detroit where Jubilee is being held. A man by the name of Henry Peter Gyrich is interrogating Jubilee about her relationship with the X-Men. Mr Bolivar Trask comes into the room and sees that Gyrich has brought Jubilee to the factory and expresses his displeasure. Gyrich explains that the capture of Jubilee was a test to see how easy it would be to capture the rest of them. Gyrich is interrupted by a phone call from the Agency, which is now under attack by the X-Men. He tells the caller to “eliminate those mutants immediately!”.

Back at the Agency a full on battle is raging outside, while Storm and the rest of gang inside finish destroying the files. Just as Beast is about finish uploading a virus to destroy the files, Storm becomes impatient, and blasts the computers monitor. Now again, Im no expert in computers either, but I don’t think destroying the monitor will destroy the files. Apparently patience is not something taught back at school. After their mission is accomplished, they exit the facility and meet up with the rest of the team outside to make their way to the Blackbird. Before they can make it back, they are ambushed by Sentinels who were hiding in the trees. Wolverine greets the first one with, “hey tin woodsman! Im sending you back to Oz…In pieces!”. Probably my favorite line of this episode. More Sentinels begin emerging from the trees, so Morph, being that standup guy that he is, runs to Wolverine’s aid as the scene cuts away.

Jean Grey, back at the school, seems to suffer mild stroke while wearing the cerebro helmet. She takes off the helmet while saying, “It’s Morph, can’t you feel it?”. Professor Xavier puts on the helmet, and with a puzzled look says, “Morph? I don’t sense…anything”.

Back at the mansion, after an argument between Wolverine and Cyclops, we find out that Morph and Beast were left behind. Jean Grey delivers the news of Morph’s demise to Wolverine, who storms away to destroy Cyclops’ car.

Wolverine jumps in his car and goes on a drive to reflect on the recent events. Through the magic of the flashback, we are brought back to the battle at the Agency. When Morph has run to Wolverine’s aid, he pushed Wolverine out of the way of a Sentinels blast, and ended up taking it himself, and paying the ultimate price. Beast was also blasted by a Sentinel, and was thrown back into an electric fence and therefore electrocuted and captured.

At a local bar, Wolverine runs into some not so friendly locals during a game of pool. After whipping his claws out, the guys still seem oddly confident, and proceed with the trash talking. That is until Cyclops enters the bar, and one of the locals knocks his glasses off. At that point they just about crap their pants and beg him to put his glasses back on. Wolverine and Cyclops make their way outside where Cyclops presents Wolverine with a plan to locate the Sentinel base.

Gyrich and The President have a very short meeting in which the President instructs Gyrich to stop all activity involving the registration program. Gyrich goes out into the hallway to throw a mini tantrum, in which he throws his papers all over the White House hallway.

Cyclops goes to Jubilees house to meet with her foster parents, knowing that they are being watched by Sentinels. Cyclops emerges from the house and is immediately met by a Sentinel who instructs Cyclops to surrender. To which Cyclops replies, “of course…NOT!”, and then shoots the Sentinels arm off. The one armed Sentinels announces that he has been damages and must return to base for repair. Why it would need to announce this out loud is beyond me. The rest of the X-Men quickly give chase to the Sentinel as it is returning to its base.

Once back at the base, the one armed Sentinel crashes through the roof, disrupting the power, and therefore shutting down Jubilees restraints. The X-Men have followed the Sentinel back to the base and begin an all out assault, and destroy all the Sentinels at the base. You know they mean business when the intro theme song is playing in the background.

Jubilee returns home to gather her things so that she can move in to the school with the X-Men. The version of the episode that I found online cuts off pretty abruptly after Jubilee arrives at the school. Its around the 20 minute mark so there probably wasn’t much more so Im not too worried and you shouldn’t be either. Next weeks episode will most likely have a recap of anything I missed.

Next Week: ”Enter Magneto″



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