Civil War #3


Even with the surprise unmasking of Spider-Man in the previous issue, the world’s confidence in super-heroes remains at an all time low. Mr. Fantastic is sent by the President to Wakanda to personally recruit The Black Panther to lead a team of super-heroes back in The United States. The Black Panther declines this offer and quickly brushes it aside, asking about Johnny Storm and the status of his injuries. Mr Fantastic explains that he hasn’t been to check on him in a couple days and that he assumes Sue Storm would bring him any news if there were a change. T’Challa responds with, “word of advice, Reed. Call Susan.” Now this leads one to believe that Black Panther knows something about Sue that Reed does not, but we will have to wait and see wont we?

Yellowjacket is sent to Greenwich Village to recruit Doctor Strange for the same mission as The Black Panther. Unfortunately, Doctor Strange has vacated the premises and has “gone into seclusion in his arctic lodge”. And with that, this one panel segment is done.

Now Tony Stark is still out trying to recruit super-heroes for his cause and makes his way to Westchester to meet with Emma Frost of the X-Men. Emma Frost explains to Tony that joining this fight would go against everything that the X-Men believe in. While Emma Frost refuses to join forces with Tony Stark and his team, she also agrees not to side with Captain America either. This will leave the X-Men neutral in this war. As Tony Stark is about to enter his car, Bishop who was apparently creeping in the bushes, emerges and asks, “can we talk?”.

We meet back up with Captain America, Hercules, Daredevil, and Goliath who are sitting in a diner, all wearing disguises given to them by Nick Fury. Captain America’s new identity is Brett Hendrick, a security supervisor at a shopping mall. Hercules is Victor Tegler, an I.T. consultant. Daredevil is Cooper Peyton, an engineer from Long Island. And then we have Goliath, who is given the name Rockwell Dodsworth, a community outreach worker. Goliath is upset that Nick Fury didn’t get his request “to be something cool–like an actor or a race car driver”. As they are sitting around discussing their new identities and disguises they recieve a text message, informing them of a fire at a chemical plant. As they rush to the nearest alley to tear their clothes off, Cloak and Dagger are sent to teleport them to the scene.

Once on the scene of the fire, they join up with Vision, Cable, Falcon, and Luke Cage to assess the situation. While searching through the rubble, Cable come across the sign for the chemical plant. It reads “Geffen-Meyer. A Division of Stark Industries”. As soon as Cable realizes that they have just walked in to a trap, Wiccan and Cloak are already being pelted with tranquilizers. Iron Man and his team, which now includes Spider-Man, emerge from the flames of the chemical plant. Along with Iron Man and his team on the ground, are S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in helicopters above. Iron Man gets Captain America to agree to listen to the plans for his “twenty-first century overhaul”. As they shake hands Captain America leaves a “S.H.I.E.L.D. electron scrambler” stuck to Iron Man’s palm, which explodes and leaves Iron Man’s suit temporarily disabled. As the fighting inevitably begins, Agent Hill is giving orders to her troops to not get involved yet because “Codename Lightning” is up next. Spider-Man, who is now equipped with a Stark designed suit, takes to whooping on Captain America while Iron Man reboots his suit. So even in this universe if it’s not working just turn it off and then back on again. While Cap is distracted by Spider-Man, Iron Man flies straight into Cap’s spine. The beating of Captain America continues. Iron Man’s armor can apparently memorize peoples fighting styles and can then use it against them. As Cap is getting the beating of his life, Hercules breaks free from his fight to rush to his aid. Just as he slams through She-Hulk and Spider-Man he is hit with a huge bolt of lightning from above, as Thor descends onto the battlefield.

Next Week: Civil War #4



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