Rewinding the Week (3.23.2014)

Another week of television gone past.  This week I got caught up on some, axed one show, and missed out on a couple.  Let’s review.

The Walking Dead: Wow.  Not much else to say about this week, titles A Tale of Two Sisters or something close to it.   Heartbreaking, surprising, shocking.  All those adjectives and more fit.  Even though we were following some of my least favorite characters all episode, it still had a great payoff.

The Simpsons: Any show that does a spoof of The Warriors is awesome in my book.  This was well done, although obviously not timely at all.  I love that movie though so honestly I don’t really remember what else was happening in the other storylines.  A must watch solely for the movie references.

Bob’s Burgers: Maybe not as great as last week’s fart-fest, but still solidly funny.  The line about Chanukah being Han Solo’s and Chewbacca’s baby alone makes it worth it.  Seriously, I can’t push this show enough.  Watch it!

The Following: I can’t believe that I forgot about this show last week, but it gave me the excuse to watch two episodes of it this week.  The first season, if you haven’t seen it, centers on a detective tracking down a cult leader and his followers.  It is intense to say the least.  This season doesn’t seem quite as good but it is building up.  The end of the most recent episode was a bit cheesy though.  “Praise Joe” just doesn’t sound that great.

Chozen:I got around to watching this twice last week as well.  It has the same animation style as Archer, but isn’t quite as funny.  I know it’s only been around for less than 1 whole season, but it is starting to feel a little played out.  There isn’t much in the way of character development or plot.  I’ll stick with it, but it’s fading.

Archer: This was part two of the Columbia excursion.  Of course, the gang escaped but did so in the most hilarious way possible.  I love all the characters in this show and will continue to watch it forever.

Brooklyn 99: Another funny episode about Jake solving an “unsolvable case.”  The end was a bit serious though and the love story seems to be developing more.  I don’t watch comedy for relationships so, please stop it.  It is nice to see Terry Crews as a law enforcer as he will (hopefully and if the directors have any sense) be the next Luke Cage.

Archer: This seems to be back from a little break it had, and was good.  The story of Slade Wilson is progressing nicely and the Suicide Squad were interesting.  However, I will say, seeing a team of villains led by Diggle just made me think of Andy Diggle’s run on Marvel’s Thunderbolts which was a dark tale about a team of villains and their missions.  I’d highly recommend it.

So overall, not a bad week.  I’m glad that I axed Bates Motel as I didn’t miss it at all.  No Agents of SHIELD was disappointing, but hopefully it will be back next week.  I also didn’t watch Family Guy for no real reason.  Maybe I’ll double up on it this coming week.  What are you watching?


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