Friday Top 5 (3/21….Blast off!)

Another week, another weekly list of the Top 5 things I’ve seen…this week.

1. New Girl – The latest episode with Prince. Though Schmidt realizing he loves his friends was super predictable, as was Jess and Nick reconciling, and even though the ending musical number was ultra-cheesy, I still laughed a lot, which counts for something, and loved Prince’s obsession with pancakes, carrying over from Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories. Of course, there was the awkward Ford Fusion product placement…maybe just say Brooklyn Nine Nine instead.

2. Epic Wheel of Fortune solve – For the record, I watched it live and my guess was an equally plausible “New York Pizza”

3. Hulkbuster Iron Man rumors – I never bothered to pick up an issue with that armor featured; however the Hulkbuster Iron Man action figure from the “Marvel Action Hour” inspired Iron Man toy line was a definite favorite.

4. New Botchamanias – Specifically, two new WrestleManiaManias (a collection of botches exclusively from Wrestlemanias, in chronological order). I haven’t even watched them yet, but their existence is still in the Top 5 things I’ve seen this week (and they will have been in the Top 5 once I watch them tomorrow morning. Botches and coffee…what a Saturday!)

5. Captain America 3 could feature ‘Psychotic 1950s Cap’ – Because A) that phrase alone is worth the price of admission B) it plays into my theory about Cap 3 and possibly Avengers 3 dealing with S.H.I.E.L.D. continuing to be sneaky with technology and trying to develop new supersoldiers (a theory I elaborated on in a recent podcast)

Dishonorable Mention:
WetSeal (Wet Seal?), for only offering kickin’ Marvel Comics kicks in sizes up to 10. I guess me and my gargantuan size 10 1/2’s are going to have to continue fashioning comic book shoes out of old copies of Ultraforce.


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