Civil War #2


In this issue things really start to pick up steam after the announcement of the superhero registration act. We now know who each side will have as their figurehead, and both sides have already begun cracking down on the other.

This issue starts with a battered and bruised Vulture chained to a pillar with The Grim Reaper in what appears to be an old warehouse. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents have swarmed in and are relaying information back to Agent Hill who is safely aboard the Helicarrier. It is also mentioned that The Trapster is also chained up in the men’s room of this building. We find out that these are not the first super-criminals to meet this similar fate. They estimate the tally to be at 15 super-criminals in the last 72 hours. With so many criminals being taken down in such a short amount of time, Agent Hill realizes that their “nightmare scenario” has come true. Captain America is no longer working alone.

In New York City we meet up with Iron Man, Yellowjacket, Tigra, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Mister Fantastic who have just taken down a Doombot. I will also point out that Mister Fantastic is stretching out of the Doombots mouth so that he can give She-Hulk a high five. Superheroes high fiving? Lets be a little more professional guys. She-Hulk expresses worry that they will no longer be considered superheroes when the registration act is signed. She is worried they will be mere S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents. I wouldn’t worry too much about your title. Iron Man explains that, “the only thing changing is that the kids, the amateurs, and the sociopaths are getting weeded out”. Tigra comes jumping in out of nowhere to ask which category Captain America would be in. To which Iron Man replies, “He’s wrong this time Tigra. Trust me”.

We jump to the Baxter Building where The Fantastic Four, minus The Human Torch are hanging out. I forgot to mention in my previous post about Civil War #1, that The Human Torch was jumped outside a club, landing him in the hospital, which is why he is not currently with the rest of the team. We know that Mister Fantastic has joined with Iron Man’s pro registration side, and can assume that Sue Storm and The Thing have as well since they are still hanging out together. Reed has been drawing out formulas based on the recent events, and apparently comes to the conclusion that they are facing an apocalypse if the “unlicensed activty isn’t brought under control”. He also has a cd labeled “42” sitting out on the table, which Sue asks about and is promptly dismissed with the old “that’s classified information”.

24 hours later, the action cuts to Patriot of the Young Avengers being pursued by S.H.I.E.L.D., armed with tranquilizers and helicopters. Patriot leaps from a rooftop and through a window into an office to briefly escape the pursuit. He calls to his team to let them know that he has been spotted, and urges them to get out of there. Just as Patriot finishes his message, a smoking canister is launched at his feet, followed by a giant explosion. Patriot is described as being “indestructible”, so he survives, only to be captured along with the rest of his team including Hulking, Stature, Wiccan, Vision, and a couple others. In a one panel scene, we see Daredevil and Nick Fury watching all of this unfold of monitors in front of them. Daredevil suggests that they send in “a posse” to intercept the transport carrying the Young Avengers. Nick Fury casually explains that Captain America and Falcon are undercover and have been on the scene the whole time. Cap is now driving the truck carrying the prisoners, and quickly throws the Agent next to him out of the moving vehicle. Falcon who is in the back with the Young Avengers, is breaking Wiccan out of his restraints so that he can use a teleportation spell to get them the hell out of there. Just before they smash into a roadblock, they are teleported away and out of harms reach. They are teleported to a bunker of some kind where Goliath, Cable, Hercules, Cloak, and Dagger are waiting. Cable greets them as they exit the truck with, “Congratulations, children. You just joined the resistance”.

A special new bulletin flashes up on televisions across the country. Tony Stark introduces Miriam Sharpe, who is the mother of one of the children who was killed in the Stamford Incident, and Spider-Man. Spider-Man takes the podium and uses this opportunity to campaign for the registration of superheroes. In an extremely surprising turn of events, to prove how much he supports the Superhero Registration Act, Spider-Man unmasks on live television and ends this issue with, “My name is Peter Parker, and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was fifteen years old…any questions?”.

Next Week: Civil War #3



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