X-Men “Night of the Sentinels Pt. 1”

As mentioned before in my previous post, I was never big into collecting comic books in my youth. Most of my time spent with superheroes came during this show. This show marked the beginning of my adventure into the world of the superhero.

X-Men Season 1 Episode 1 titled “Night of the Sentinels Pt. 1” aired on 10/31/92. I just got done watching this episode and let me start by saying that this show is just as great as I remember it. That intro!

This episode is centered around Jubilee and her introduction to the X-Men. I will also say that Jubilee would not have been my first choice as a main character in the first episode. Not exactly the most exciting character in my opinion, but hey, I don’t work for Marvel!

We start this episode by finding out that Jubilee’s father/guardian has registered her as a mutant with the government and their aptly named mutant registration act. Jubilee overhears this and runs upstairs and pouts in the hallway. “I used to be a normal kid, it’s not my fault!”. Now immediately after she says this we see a Sentinel landing in the street not far from her house, which then makes its 10 second journey to her house and proceeds to punch a whole through her bedroom wall. Of course Jubilee has already snuck out the window and is long gone at this point. But again, it took the Sentinel about 10 seconds from the time she was done talking to the time it punched a whole in her wall. So in 10 seconds Jubilee jumped out her window and ran far enough away so that the Sentinel, who landed two houses away didn’t see her, and far enough that Jubilee didn’t see or hear the 40-foot robot in the street.

Jubilee makes her way to the arcade inside the local mall, as any angst ridden teenage girl from the 90’s would do. While she’s playing games and crying on the machines, she proceeds to fry the machine she’s playing with her plasma. The following exchange is one of my favorites in this episode. After frying the machine the owner says, “do you know how much that game costs?”. To which Jubilee replies, “yeah, a quarter”. During which she puts on her Macho Man Randy Savage shades, which totally make the scene. She then takes off out of the arcade just ahead of the fist shaking owner who exclaims, “we don’t want you lousy mutants around here!”.

Running from the arcade Jubilee is looking over her shoulder and runs straight into Rogue and Storm who are out having a girls day shopping. After Jubilee runs off,Rogue delivers another great line in this episode. “What kind of bug crawled up her shorts”. So now we now that some of the X-Men are at this mall, so hypothetically if any Sentinels were to appear to kidnap Jubilee they could be of some service. And guess what, the very next scene shows a Sentinel arriving at the mall and punching a hole through the wall. They are very good at punching holes in walls. 2 for 2 so far.

We also have Gambit doing some shopping today too! Can you take a guess as to what Gambit might be shopping for? If you guessed playing cards you would be correct! At first it looks as though he’s trying to buy about 8 decks worth of loose playing cards in a giant stack, but later they are divided into separate decks. We also have some playful banter between the clerk and Gambit. Gambit brings the cards to the counter and she says, “you must like to play cards”, to which Gambit replies, “I like solitaire ok, unless I got someone…to play with”. That would have sealed the deal for sure if not for Jubilee getting attacked by Sentinels outside the store!

Jubilee gets snatched up by the Sentinel and is immediately assisted by Storm and Rogue, but not before Storm announces who she is in dramatic fashion. “Storm! Mistress of the elements commands you to release that child!”. After that wonderful introduction, Storm, Rogue, and eventually Gambit battle the Sentinel long enough to allow Jubilee to escape to the parking lot where she runs into Cyclops. He must have been parking the car. Cyclops uses an optic blast and shoots the Sentinels head off, quickly ending that fight.

Jubilee is taken to Professor X’s school and comes across a bunch of the other X-men including Beast, Jean Grey, Prof. X, Wolverine, and everyones favorite, Morph. As she is trying to escape she gets into the danger room during a training session with Gambit and Wolverine. She sees Wolverine whooping Gambit’s ass and blasts him with her fireworks and he goes tumbling. After another witty exchange between Jubilee, Gambit, and Wolverine, she goes and has a heart to heart with Storm, which apparently inspires her to go back home to help her parents/guardians.

When she returns home she finds a group of Sentinels waiting for her this time and they easily subdue her and take her away. Very exciting I know.

At this point the X-Men know Jubilee has run away and Wolverine agrees to go get her and storms off. The X-Men hold a strategy meeting and plan a raid on the headquarters that hold all of the records on registered mutants. This is also where Jubilee has been taken I believe.

The X-Men easily infiltrate the headquarters and make their way past multiple guards and traps. After navigating a hallway filled with lasers they come to a door, at which the camera pans back to show a small army with guns trained on the door waiting for the X-Men to emerge.


Next Week: “Night of the Sentinels Pt. 2”



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