Rewinding the Week (3.16.2014)

It’s Sunday, which means another week is upon us again.  I know for some of you, this means you will be able to watch the shows from last week on hulu.  I don’t watch shows as they air live, but am usually a day or two behind, depending on my personal schedule (thanks to the almighty internet for providing).  Each Sunday, I’ll sum up what I saw in the hopes that it might help you know what to hit and what could be avoided.  Typically, my wife and I will watch an hour or so a night.  As always, please leave dissenting or consenting comments.  This week I watched:

The Simpsons: A double-header this week! First Harry Potter guest stars as a crazy kid who loves falcons and befriends Bart.  Not bad, but not great.  Then, Henry (the Beast) McCoy returns as Sideshow Bob in the most super-villain scheme yet!  Good stuff.

Family Guy: Family Guy has been losing me over the last year or so, especially after undoing the death of Brian.  This one had Stewie coming to grips with his own mortality (which I would have thought had already happened) and a death of a minor supporting character.  Meh.

Bob’s Burgers: This is it!  This is my favorite show on from the Sunday cartoon block.  Non-stop hilarious.  Three movies are spoofed this time around and Gene’s is the best.  The musical about farts is juvenile, sure, but is awesome! WATCH THIS SHOW.

The Walking Dead: I’m always excited for this show, but then usually end up asking myself why that was.  Daryl’s softer side comes out and the different groups all start making their way to Terminus (because that’s clearly not a foreboding name at all).  Good enough.

Agents of SHIELD: I’m a Marvel geek to being with, so this show gets me excited.  It was nice to see some more actual powers in play this time, even if they weren’t the showiest.  In fact, Lorelei was a character I hadn’t heard of before this and all that went through my mind was this.  Very much looking forward to the continuation of what’s been going on.  If you know what kind of alien was mentioned, leave me a cryptic clue.  Watch it if you love Marvel.

Archer: Reliably funny.  Pam has become the break-out hit this season.  She’s funnier than ever.  It’s a cocaine-fueled good time.  The episode actually ended on a cliff-hanger, which isn’t too common.  I’ll be coming back for sure to see how the situation plays out.  Always a good time.

Brooklyn 99: This is a good show.  Not as funny as the cartoons I watch, but still has its moments, one of which this week comes from a big fart.  Ah farts, will you ever grow old?  Boyle’s getting married and Jake, as the best man, has to help plan the wedding.  Of course, things go astray as they tend to.  Solid fun.

Bates Motel: This show is on my chopping block.  I’m not thrilled by it at all.  I keep seeing Charlie, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as Norman, and that just doesn’t work.  The relationship with his mom is just so cringe-worthy that I don’t know if I can continue watching it.  No one is selling me on it.  SKIP IT.

True Detective: A friend recommended this to me a few weeks ago and I caught up quickly.  Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are amazing as the odd pairing of detectives.  I wasn’t sure they were going to work at the beginning, but they are perfect.  I think this week was the season finale, and I hope it was the series finale as well.  It was a complete story and if they come back with another season, it will seem tacked on and forced.  It was a beautifully woven tale and if you haven’t seen it, go find it and watch them all.  There weren’t too many episodes.  You can do it in a week.  WATCH THIS SHOW.

Not a bad week.  Two amazing shows and only one that I would definitely avoid.  Usually I’d have Arrow in there too, but for some reason I didn’t see it on this week.  Maybe that means I’ll double up on it this week.  One can only hope.  I also frequent Chozen, the new show on after Archer, but that just never made the screen in my house due to time and being tired, and other excuses like that.  So what do you watch?  I’m always looking for new shows.


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