Friday’s Top 5 – Pi Day (Part 1)

Hey guys, I’m starting up a weekly column for the top five things I’ve seen across internet, film, and TV for the past week. In the modern, work-a-day world we live in, I’ll do my best to bring you five things of joy on Friday. It’s the Friday Top 5…

  1. The Lego Movie. Consider me late to the party, but man, was I glad I saw The Lego Movie. Chris Pratt was good as the lead, being funny but not exhausting. The movie’s nods to Lego’s past (1980’s Space set pieces made up a large part of my childhood Lego collection, and I was happy to see them get some airtime) and the idiosyncrasies of Legos (their instantly recognizable instruction layouts, the model numbers) made this movie the equivalent of everything I hoped/imagined about Legos as a kid coming to life. Sure the ending has you questioning the very fabric of space-time, but that doesn’t stop The Lego Movie from being one of my favorite new movies I’ve seen in a while. It isn’t overburdened with musical numbers or too many cheeky “for the parents” jokes that puts me off to newer kids movies, and even if it just a big giant ad for Legos, I don’t care, because I love Legos anyway.
  2. Alex Trebek Has Gone Insane. Conan O’Brien’s recurring Alex Trebek Has Gone Insane series is one of my favorite things going. If this ends up being the climactic finale, it’s going out in style.
  3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This week’s episode was many people thing AoS needs more of: stories serving as a vehicle for crossovers/battles with “super” forces. It’s a bit of a double edged sword; on the one hand, without high-powered super villains with snappy/ridiculous codenames, AoS would be nothing more than a sub-par spy drama (disguises on a train?), but you also have to make sure the main characters are relevant even when the “supers” aren’t around. Perhaps it’s the writing, perhaps it’s just “settling in”, but I think the main characters are strong enough to remain relevant. Even if Sif’s arrival and immediate meet up with S.H.I.E.L.D was a bit contrived, everything else seemed to be handled well and this episode did a great job of showcasing strong female characters top to bottom, something that’s missing from the rest of the MCU. Couple that with a hook for an ending and I’m anxious to see what’s next (including progressing the Deathlok subplot, which was only nominally touched this episode).
  4. The episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers featuring Martha Stewart and Lil Jon. While, once again, late to the party, this episode is worth a view if only to behold the odd chemistry this incongruous tribunal conjures together.

             This screen. Latest to the party, I finally beat Super Mario 3, a scant twentysomething years after its release. Success!!

Dishonorable mention:

Mixology – With bland characters that are either cliché (I’m looking at you, made-for-TV-ginger-Zach Galifinakis) or uninteresting (the black guy who’s said, what, three lines in three episodes?), jokes to match, including the old “we’re going to define a ridiculous term about dating” joke (wingman/pointman, “leave a baby behind”, anything related to “barcabulary”) or the inane, like last episode’s rant on Hawaiians that’s original (I guess?) but nothing resembling humor, this show is the definition of “something on TV”, though hopefully not for long.


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