Back in the Saddle

While many comic book fans can probably think back to the very first comic they owned and remember exactly what it was, my memory does not serve me so well in this situation. As a kid I was never huge into collecting comic books. Instead my memories of these characters came mostly from television. With the fairly recent influx of comic book movies I decided to venture back to the local comic book store to see if they had anything worth reading. My trip was not in vain. I quickly stumbled upon the Marvel “Civil War” series. This is the series that got me back into the saddle (the saddle being comic books).


In this post I am going to review/ summarize “Civil War #1”.

This story starts with the New Warriors, who in this instance consist of Speedball, Namorita, Night Thrasher, and Microbe filming a reality TV show. The show seems to be a superhero version of Dog the Bounty Hunter in which these heroes track down bad guys and take them down while being filmed. The New Warriors come across a house full of “bad guys” who have recently escaped from Ryker’s Island. Inside the house we have Coldheart, Cobalt Man, Speedfreak, and Nitro. So all in all these people are pretty low level heroes and villains considering the size of the shitstorm they are about to stir up. The New Warriors are spotted creeping around in the backyard and are forced to rush in without any real gameplan. Some fighting and some quipping happen and then Namorita really pisses off Nitro. Namorita throws Nitro into a school bus so that you can clearly see the elementary school in the background. Nitro, who has the ability to transform his body into a gaseous state and explode with a maximum force equivalent to 350 lb (160 kg) of TNT blows himself up, killing 800-900 other people, including all of the children at the nearby school.

And so begins the shitstorm.

The President releases a statement suggesting that all super powered peoples register and be trained as government employees under the Superhero Registration Act. Of course this is a highly controversial issue that needs to be discussed in the hero community. At the Baxter Building a meeting takes place involving a larger group of A-List heroes including Iron Man, Spiderman, Wolverine, and Mister Fantastic. The atmosphere is obviously tense as heroes argue for and against the new registration act.

Meanwhile onboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Agent Hill confronts Captain America about the news of the meeting at the Baxter Building. Now while most people would assume that Captain America would be gung-ho for helping the government, he surprisingly swings the other way. When Agent Hill realizes that Captain America is not going to be helping in their quest for superhero registration she turns on him and sends her “hit squad” to take down Captain America. Surprisingly that does not go well for the troops who are trying to shoot Cap (sarcasm). Cap easily displaces the threat and leaps from the Helicarrier, catching a ride to safety on an approaching jet.

We cut to the President discussing the recent event with Captain America with his constituents. They come to terms that Cap will now obviously serve as a figurehead for the underground movement against the registration act. So of course the movement for the registration needs a figurehead right? In the very last panel we learn that Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, and Yellow-jacket have also been in the room with the President during his discussions. Iron man suggests that they find a leader of their own, Iron Man then becomes the figurehead/ leader of the movement for the registration act with his final line, “Leave Captain America to us”.

Next week I will be reviewing “Civil War #2”



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